Full HD colour CCTV video chimney surveys on DVD or USB stick. Accurate interpretation of the video, detailed reporting with recommendations. Taking CCTV video surveys to another level.

CCTV chimney surveys. Video / film survey any chimney flue and gas shared flue system: Both the horizontals and the vertical rises, any length, any height, any size. Industrial/Commercial/Domestic
  • CCTV Survey of chimney flue systems within high-rise buildings.
  • CCTV Survey of free-standing industrial multi-flue chimneys.
  • CCTV chimney Survey of domestic chimney flues.
  • CCTV Survey of gas shared flue systems SE ducts - U ducts - Shunt ducts.
  • CCTV Survey of large horizontal chimney flues using a self-propelled camera,¬†from the boilers to the base of the vertical riser.
  • Removal of hard Creosote deposits from domestic brick chimney flues.
  • Electronic tracing/locating/mapping of the route of chimney flues through a building.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of steel flues.
  • Cleaning of chimney flues.

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