case studies

Below are details of a range of projects successfully undertaken by Kamtek TV Surveys

Kamtek TV Surveys where asked to carry out a CCTV survey of Furnace shaft shown in the picture above. This shaft is located in the lamp room, where visitors have to pass through to collect their lamps, prior to going underground.

The shaft which is just under 200 metres deep had structural damage at the very base. The purpose of the survey was providing a video of the shaft condition, with voice over. This video would be part of a presentation to the Lottery commission for a grant to carry out remedial work to the shaft. The remedial work has since been carried out with part Lottery funds.

The survey was carried out with Kamtek TV Surveys specialist shaft camera system. This camera system can provide high quality colour video of shafts of any diameter to depths exceeding 1000 metres.

The size chimney flue shown above is 1400mm x 700mm and over 130 metres in height. The purpose of the survey was to check for the location of any offsets and to make sure that the walls of the chimney flue had not been penetrated by any foreign objects.

In order to cover every part of the chimney flue walls, the survey was carried out using high resolution forward viewing and a pan & tilt camera system.

As can be seen from the photograph above the powerful lighting system is more than adequate to identify any penetration of the chimney flue walls.


The CCTV camera and its lighting are located on the shaft wall; at the half way point 500 metres down the shaft.  The object of the exercise is to check the orientation of the skips and the distance between them at the meetings point, (as they pass one another). The coal skips travel in excess of 60 feet a second and can collide as they pass if their locating ropes are not in the correct orientation.

The CCTV camera shows which of the locating ropes requires adjusting.

The camera system and lighting used to carry out the monitoring is a specialist system built to Kamtek TV Surveys specifications.

There is a requirement in the gas regulation for the annual inspection of the different types of gas ducts.

One of the annual SE duct surveys Kamtek TV Surveys carry out is for a large South Coast Council. This survey consists of residential tower blocks of varying height, the tallest being over 60 metres. The survey consists of reporting the structural and service condition of each duct, the condition of the connections from each property and if they have been installed correctly, or removed correctly.  

Every detail within the duct must be accurately interpreted and reported, these ducts are the boiler intake and exhaust for each property, so there is a potential risk to life.

In order to carry out this type of comprehensive survey the experience of the CCTV operator is highly important along with the correct type of CCTV camera system. A portable camera system is required as the survey has to be carried out from roof level. Both a forward viewing and a pan and tilt high resolution colour camera systems are required. Accurate metrage is required in order to identify the different properties.

This type of survey should be carried by someone who has a good knowledge regarding gas ducts. The survey should definitely not be carried out using a small drain type camera with limited lighting and on a flexible rod. This type of camera is designed to be used in domestic small-bore drainage. We have seen a number of extremely poor videos and reports of SE ducts using this type of system. Because the camera pictures are so poor and the operators had basically no knowledge of what they where supposed to be surveying, many of the important details where completely missed.

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