mining- boreholes-underwater surveys


  • Specialist colour forward/side viewing camera systems.
  • Inspection of mine shafts in air and underwater.
  • Inspection of underground bunkers and boreholes.
  • Monitoring of shaft filling operations.
  • Monitoring of coal skips at operating speeds.
  • Inspection of mine ventilation pipes.
  • Inspection of mine drainage pipes and culverts.
  • Inspection of raised bore prior to man entry and lining.


Underwater Surveys

  • Specialist colour forward/side viewing underwater cameras and lighting systems.
  • Pressure tested cameras and lights. On-screen real-time temperature and compass bearing.
  • Inspection of boreholes in air and underwater – potable and non-potable water.
  • Inspection of lock gates and dock walls.
  • Inspection of reservoir linings.
  • Inspection of ships hulls – after damage or for insurance purposes.
  • Diver held colour camera systems.

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