chimney flue & gas shared flue surveys

CCTV Surveys of Chimney Flue systems &  Gas Shared Flue Systems SE Duct - U Duct - Shunt Duct. 
Using: Colour wide-angle lens forward-viewing/ pan & tilt camera systems.

We can survey any chimney flue and duct system: Both the horizontals and the vertical risers any length any height any size.


  • Survey of chimney flue systems within high-rise buildings.
  • Survey of free-standing industrial multi-flue chimneys.
  • Survey of domestic chimney flues.
  • Survey of gas shared flue systems SE ducts - U ducts - Shunt ducts.
  • Survey of large horizontal chimney flues using a self-propelled camera, from the boilers to the base of the vertical riser.
  • Removal of hard Creosote deposits from domestic brick chimney flues.
  • Electronic tracing/locating/mapping of the route of chimney flues through a building.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of steel flues.
  • Cleaning of chimney flues.

For the survey of free-standing industrial-type chimney stacks, our steeplejacks would ladder the stack and lower the camera from the top down. The video would be monitored and recorded in the survey van at the base of the stack.

The survey of chimney flues can be carried out from an Access Platform. The camera equipment can either be set up in the platform basket or cables can be run from the survey van at the base.

The highest we have surveyed chimney flues from an Access Platform is 85 metres.


  • CCTV survey for insurance purposes after a fire or some act of God.
  • CCTV survey prior to an out of use fireplace being opened up.
  • CCTV survey to establish the shape and size, and the position of any offsets or features prior to a liner being installed.
  • CCTV survey to establish the condition of chimney flues prior to, and after any structural building works.
  • CCTV survey as part of a party wall survey, when adjacent building work is being carried out.
  • CCTV survey as part of a Sellers Home Information Pack.
  • CCTV survey to check for leakage from a chimney or liner through into a building.
  • CCTV survey of commercial or industrial chimney flues as part of a planned maintenance schedule.
  • CCTV survey to establish evidence of incorrectly installed insitu pumped liner or other types of liner.
  • CCTV survey to identify any features that would cause damage to the installation of a Furanflex liner.

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